How to Make Line Markings in a Parking Lot Last

Owners of public places, such as shopping malls, often grapple with the challenge of marking the parking lot frequently. However, you can take some measures to ensure that the line markings on your parking lot last longer to reduce maintenance costs. This article discusses some of those measures.

Use Appropriate Equipment

Some people draw a chalk line on a parking lot before using a paintbrush to mark the parking lot. Such an approach may not deliver lasting results because it may not apply an appropriate amount of paint applied along a line. A better way is to use a line-marking machine. That machine will produce neat line markings. It will also apply uniform amounts of paint so that the lines last for long without needing repair work. If you have any questions about line-marking machines, be sure to call a local line-marking service for additional info.

Pick the Best Conditions

Weather conditions can affect how long a line-marking job will last before it deteriorates.  Dry, warm weather is ideal because it enables the paint to adhere and dry on the parking lot surface. This ensures that the paint will last for a long time. Conversely, wet conditions prevent line-marking paint from adhering to the parking lot surface because the moisture forms a barrier on the asphalt or concrete.

Be Meticulous During Site Preparation

Use a blower to remove all the debris and dirt from the parking lot surface. This will ensure that the paint does not adhere onto debris that will be washed away when it rains. Blowers are also much faster than brushes. Clean and fill all cracks in the parking lot. Cracks can widen and cause the paint to have gaps where the asphalt or driveway materials detached. Apply a sealcoat to the parking lot so it's smooth. The sealcoat also helps to make the paint to stand out because it will contrast with the dark colour of the sealcoat. This increases the visibility of the markings. The markings on the parking lot will last longer if you follow the specific site preparation steps recommended by the manufacturer of the products you are using.

Line marking can be done by anyone who is good with his or her hands. However, large projects, such as marking a large parking lot of a shopping mall, should be done by professionals using the best equipment and techniques available. This will ensure that the parking lot is available for use by your clients within a short time.