Why You Need to Look at the Humble Photocopier in a New Light

The pace of development in the world of technology has been so breathtaking, that it's been difficult to keep up. If you run a small business, you always want to be taking advantage of this type of progress, but you want to make sure that you are as efficient as possible at the same time. You don't want to have too many different machines and gadgets if you don't really have to, as they take up space and cost you money. Yet at the same time, you may be looking at your trusty photocopier, which has sat in the corner of your office for many years now. Did you know that you can upgrade to a brand-new photocopier that can do the work of a number of different machines, or could even produce some specialty printing jobs? How has the photocopier developed recently to your advantage?

Enhanced Value

Keen to keep up with development, the companies that make photocopiers have taken great strides to ensure that these machines are still highly valuable in an office environment. If you think that they're just for straightforward copying jobs, think again. You can now achieve a number of different objectives with these upgraded machines.

Add-Ons to Make Life Easier

For example, you can get a special add-on unit that mounts on to the photocopier which will allow you to punch holes in documents for filing purposes, or to staple paper together, while the job is being printed. This cuts down on the overall length of time to produce more complex items such as a booklet and ensures that your staff can work away at their jobs while the machine is in action. You can, of course, print double-sided and get your documents collated as you go. It seems only logical that the machine can also staple them so that the job is finished when it comes out.

It's also possible to get a separate add-on device to finish off documents with special saddle stitching. This allows you to make sophisticated booklets, which are centre-stapled as the job goes along.

Software Integration

Often, a job calls for personalisation. In the past, this was difficult to achieve with simply a photocopier by itself. However, now you can integrate software through the control panel of an upgraded machine and program to your heart's content. For example, you might want to add unique barcodes to each document so that the paperwork can be identified in the future, customer by customer. This will save a lot of time in trying to segment, scan, check, import and export a wide variety of documents every month.

Your Application

These are just a few of the ways that you can make a photocopier highly valuable in your workspace. Think about how you could apply these advances in technology to your betterment and have a word with your dealer as soon as possible. For more information on photocopier sales, click here!