Buying jewellery for a loved one

If you have a relative or loved one to celebrate, you might be looking for a gift that they can use and appreciate now and for the rest of their life. A beautiful piece of jewellery is a great heirloom that can be worn again and again and keeps giving joy. 

Here are some tips to help you choose the right piece of jewellery

Opt for a classic piece of jewellery

While some trends come and go certain sorts of jewellery can always be worn on a special occasion, such as a pair of pearl earrings, a solitaire pendant or a plain gold chain. If your budget is limited opt for quality over quantity as a delicate but well-made chain is likely to be a staple of a jewellery collection but a cheaper chain may be more likely to break or have the plating come off over the time it is worn. 

Choose a meaningful, personal piece of jewellery

Rather than choosing a generic piece of jewellery, it can be even more special if you find a way to personalise the gift a little. This could include choosing a stone that represents the giftees birth month or favourite colour, choosing a themed piece of jewellery based on a hobby or personal interest (such as a horseshoe pendant for a someone who loves horse riding or a ball of yarn charm for a enthusiastic knitter) or a reworking a piece of jewellery to create a new memory such as using grandparents weddings ring to create a new piece of jewellery and new memories for your giftee. 

Involve the giftee 

If you are really stumped it can be a great idea to involve the giftee in helping to select the gift. Even if you don't want to ask them right out you can always phrase the question a little differently, such as showing them different styles of celebrity jewellery and asking them their favourites or asking them for help in selecting a gift for another loved one. You can also give them a voucher for a jewellery shopping session so that the two of you can also share the experience of selecting the jewellery. 

If you are celebrating a birthday or other special event for a loved one, a piece of classic jewellery can be a great choice. Why not chat to your local jewellery store to explore the best possible options?