How to Inspect and Maintain Your Wooden Jetty

If you own a wooden jetty which you use to embark and disembark on your boat trips, it is important that you keep it in a clean and well-maintained condition. Many boat owners concentrate so much on keeping their boats in good shape that they forget all about the condition of their jetties. Below is an introductory guide to maintaining your wooden jetty.

Understanding the Causes of Potential Problems

A jetty can be affected by a range of different issues. The leading cause of these problems is a result of the fact that a wooden jetty is partially submerged under the water and is constantly exposed to the effect of water. The parts of the jetty which are above water are exposed to rain, wind and intense sunlight, which can all have a negative impact. A wooden jetty will normally be held together by metal screws and chains, which can also be affected by moisture.

How to Carry out a Visual Inspection

The first step in maintaining your jetty is carrying out a visual inspection. You should first walk along the jetty and check that none of the wooden boards are loose or cracked and that there is no build-up of grime on the surface of the jetty which could cause people to slip. You should also check that the upright posts on the jetty are sturdy and do not move when pressure is placed on them. Finally, you should enter the water and inspect the underside of your wooden jetty and the supporting legs for signs of rot, mould or decay which could be weakening the structure. Finally, you should check that metal parts of the jetty for any sign of rust. 

How to Carry Out Repair and Restoration Work

If you identify any wooden parts of the jetty which have been damaged by rot, mould or decay, you should call in a professional contractor who will be able to repair or replaced the damaged components for you. The contractor will also be able to use a high-pressure washer to remove any build up of grime on the surface of your jetty, making the surface a slip-free zone once again. Finally, if rust has corroded any metal screws or chains, the contractor will be able to replace these for you.

If you would like further information and advice about maintaining your wooden jetty, you should contact a professional jetty repair contractor.