Why Conversion of New Shipping Containers into Homes Is a Really Good Initiative

Most of the new shipping containers being sold in Australia are fabricated abroad, loaded with goods and then sent on a one-way journey to the country. Once the cargo has been unloaded, the containers are completely removed from international shipping service. This explains why new shipping containers are also called "one-trip" or "one-use" containers.

With a large number of "one-way" containers being shipped into Australia every year, shipping companies have had to look for responsible ways of getting rid of the "new" containers they end up with. Many companies now offer to convert the containers into homes. 

Want to know why building of container homes is increasingly becoming popular among many Australians? Read on below to find out the answers you're looking for.

It is good for the environment.

From an environmental perspective, conversion of shipping containers into homes fulfills the philosophy of reduce-reuse-recycle. Instead of leaving new shipping containers lying around unused, the containers can be turned into liveable accommodation. This minimises the environmental impact of traditional housing, which may require new raw materials to build. In addition, container housing extend the service life of containers that had already reached the end of their shipping service — that's another big plus for the environment!

It allows for faster project completion time.

The cargo containers used for home construction purposes are usually structurally sound, as they would have been used for shipping just once. As no major structural work will have to be carried out when building a house, home builders can take a relatively shorter duration to get the job done as compared to when building a house from the ground-up with traditional materials like wood, concrete and brick. To put the icing on the cake, key components of the house can be fabricated offsite, and then delivered to your property for final assembly.

It is a solution to affordable housing.

As many Australians continue to look for cheaper ways to put up a home for their families, container homes seem to be the perfect solution to their problem. Generally speaking, container houses cost less to build compared to traditional housing built with materials like wood, concrete and brick. But it is also important to point out that the total cost of container houses vary from project to project, depending on the needs of each individual. The larger the amount of usable space you require, the larger your container should be, and hence the higher the cost you will have to incur.

Having been acquainted with the benefits of container housing, why not go for it! You can start by contacting the staff working at a local shipping company that offers container housing service to talk about your needs.