3 Most Common Sources of Problems With Wheelchair Lifts

Most people who cannot walk understand what a struggle it is to get around the office, mainly when the office is located up a flight of stairs. While many offices will create their designs to improve your mobility and comply with regulations, there are still things that they aren't able to achieve. Wheelchair lifts are one of the most effective ways to get around the office environment. However, as efficient as they are, they do sometimes break down. Understanding the most common sources of problems with wheelchair lifts is one of the most important steps in maintenance so that you can get the most reliable service from them.

1. Operator errors 

Operator errors result when you try to use the chair in conditions which aren't fit for it, or when you overload the chair with commands in quick succession. There are certain things that a wheelchair operator can do wrong. These include lowering the platform onto a surface which is not even or trying to fold the platform to fit a doorway which is not fully opened. Another common problem that which is familiar with wheelchair users is that they start exiting the platform before the roller stop has deployed completely. It may seem like a minor issue but exerting your weight on the parts which aren't made to bear it will start weakening the entire system.

2. Lack of wheelchair maintenance

The second most common reason why wheelchair lifts fail is poor maintenance. The chair records data such as the number of times it has been used and other important information which helps the inspection on wear and tear. It is, therefore, crucial to making sure that you take your chair for the maintenance checks and that any weaknesses are repaired on time.

3. Broken Parts

Most people operate appliances from the point of view that even if it is broken, as long as it is serving its purpose, the problem is not that serious. Examples of broken parts include a wiring harness getting severed by a lift component. The problem may not manifest as soon as the part falls apart, but it will deteriorate until the lift can no longer function as it should.

If you want a lasting service from your lift, you have to consider proper use and maintenance at all times. Any repairs need to be done by a professional and preferably the chair manufacturers for the best results.