Types of Shade-Tolerant Lawn You Can Consider Purchasing for Your Backyard

If you have been trying to grow a verdant yard but it seems that your residence is where turf comes to die, you likely are discouraged about attempting to nurture grass. However, this may not be your fault. If you have been taking all the right measures such as watering your lawn regularly, applying fertiliser and so on, there is a chance that your problem lies with the conditions on your property. One of the more common reasons why homeowners have a tough time nurturing their lawn is due to excessive shade. When you have a substantial number of trees on your property or if there are buildings that block sunlight from filtering onto your yard, you need shade-tolerant turf that is suited to these conditions. To help you with that, here are a few types of shade-tolerant lawn that you can consider purchasing for your backyard.

Sapphire Grass

This type of lawn is a variant of Buffalo Grass and it only requires a few hours of sun daily. Thus, this turf species is ideally suited to residences that receive varying amounts of sunlight throughout the day. For instance, the sun may set on side of your home meaning sections of the lawn will receive sunlight at different times. In addition to being shade tolerant, Sapphire turf is quite soft so it feels great underfoot. This characteristic makes it great for homeowners that love to spend time outdoors or have small children. In addition, this type of lawn is sturdy too, making it an ideal choice for individuals that host guests frequently, own pets and so on.

Nara Grass

This type of grass is a native Australian species, which is a great investment for any homeowner. Since it is native to the country, it is highly resilient to Australia's extreme climatic changes. Hence, you can expect a robust turf that will not shrivel up during the sweltering summer months or frosty winters. However, being a native Australian species means that this type of lawn is not as profoundly shade tolerant as Sapphire grass. Nonetheless, it simply needs sunshine for half of the day. A characteristic of Nara grass that sets it apart from other lawn types is its tolerance to salinity. Thus, it is a great solution for your residence if you live by the coast.

Other types of shade-tolerant lawn that you can consider purchasing for your backyard include Tall Fescue grass, Palmetto grass and Weeping grass. For more information, contact a company that works with different types of lawn