Two Tips to Follow When Choosing Flooring for Your Restaurant

If you need flooring for your restaurant, here are some tips you should follow.

Choose timber look tiles if you like the aesthetics of wooden flooring

Wooden floors can look great in a restaurant; rustic oak floorboards, for example, can work well in a steakhouse restaurant that has a country aesthetic, whilst glossy hardwood walnut floors can look very sophisticated in a modern, high-end restaurant.

However, whilst it can look wonderful, wood is a hugely impractical choice for a restaurant and it is best to opt for timber look tiles if the appearance of wooden flooring appeals to you. The reason for this is that in a busy restaurant, both wait staff and customers can easily spill drinks and drop glasses, cutlery and plates on the floors.

Wooden flooring that is subjected to this will quickly become scratched, stained and patchy in the areas where the varnish has been chipped by heavy items being dropped on it. After the flooring reaches this stage, it must be refinished. This would involve keeping your restaurant closed while you wait for the varnish fumes to dissipate after the refinishing process before you could reopen.

In contrast, timber look tiles, which are typically made from glazed porcelain or ceramic, won't stain easily and will stay intact if plates or glasses are dropped on them, whilst still creating the same aesthetic that real wooden flooring does.

Use epoxy grout

If you take the advice given above, you'll need plenty of grout to lay the timber tiles. You can opt for cement or epoxy-based grout. The former is cheaper; however, in a restaurant, the latter will be much easier to maintain. This is because epoxy grout doesn't deteriorate half as quickly as its cement-based equivalent when the temperatures in the surrounding environment fluctuate or when liquids (such as glasses of wine or water) land on it.

This not only means that the beautiful aesthetic of these faux-wooden tiles won't be spoilt by the grout crumbling and stains but will also ensure that you won't have to reseal the tiling too often. As such, even though using epoxy grout may make the laying of this new flooring more expensive, it will save you money over time by sparing you the expense of purchasing more grout and hiring a tiler to do the resealing work. 

To learn more, contact a company that provides things like timber look tiles